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Stuart Hyson Wins Black Belt Nottingham Live ($15,500)
Posted by Nottingham Live

Stuart Hyson is your Champion.

He takes home a total of $15,500: $14,000 for first prize, plus an additional $1,400 for being an Orange Belt on and $100 in bounty prizes having eliminated fellow finalist Nick Wealthall.

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the nuts!
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Barry (JosseWales) Styles posted on 22 Nov, 4:49pm
Very well done Stuart, You might not remember me but I was on your first table sitting two to your right in seat six !!

What others might not know and worth mentioning is, how you managed to come back from what could have been an early exit and a lesser player who'd surly have gone ..

The hand which i wont go into full detail was when you were involved in a pot with the guy to my right (seat5) alot of chips already in the pot, when the river card came a heart to give you the 'nut' flush with the Ace of hearts, you bet out 4.5k on the river only for seat 5 to re-raise you another 4.5k ... After a small think you only called, realising there was the only hand that could beat you , a straight flush IF he was holding the 5h 6h when the 4h came on the river ..

Many players wouldn't have seen that possibility and to your credit you didn't go broke in the hand ..
So respect to you and very well played ~ Enjoy !!
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Daniel Amphlett posted on 23 Nov, 3:49pm
any idea when the photos from the event will be put on the site? well played anyways stuart nice win :D
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STUART (diiscostu) HYSON posted on 1 Dec, 11:08am
Andy I asked by bro to put �25 e/w on me as he has a Boyle sport a/c I was 100/1.....he forgot.

Barry, that hand was the hand that won me whole touney IMO. If the guy had shoved I would have called I would have thought he was trying to rep a flush, if he had the K I reckon he would have flat called my bet on the river, but he made that small re-raise like he was trying to look weak. I had to put him on that hand, basically all I was beating was a bluff. That was my thought process anyway.