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Daniel Robertson Eliminated in Second Place ($9,000)
Posted by Nottingham Live

It was only a matter of time before all the chips found their way back into the middle, and with Daniel Robertson still journeying down the road to recovery, that moment arrived sooner rather than later as he open-shoved his last 850,000 across the felt.

Hyson announced call quicker than Linford Christie with a jetpack to bring us to a showdown, and possibly the final one of the night.

Hyson: Kd-Qc
Robertson: As-8d

As the late-night crowd edged towards the rail forward in anticipation, the dealer reached for the top of the deck and lay the first three community cards onto the felt.

Flop: 5s-2s-Jd

The turn came the 4s, narrowing Hyson's outs even further. A double-through was seemingly on the cards.

But today has been a day of rivers and last-ditch get-out-of-jail-free moments, and this was no different as the Poker Gods lay a Kh on the felts to conclude the inaugural Black Belt Nottingham Live in typically dramatic fashion.

As the clock hit 3:00, the winner had been crowned, and that man was Stuart Hyson.

The runner up, and man who'd previously been just one card away from lifting the title, was Daniel Robertson. He took second place and $9,000 for his two-days' worth of troubles.

think this is
the nuts!
Posting trophy - more info coming soon ...
david maclean posted on 21 Nov, 1:21pm
im just glad that we had 50% of each other :-)