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Robertson in Trouble, Then Double
Posted by Nottingham Live

Stuart Hyson raised to 380,000 from the button and Daniel Robertson called; they saw a flop.

Flop: 4d-3c-5s

Robertson checked to Hyson, who promptly bet 500,000. Back to Robertson, who quietly announced all in; back to Hyson, who announced OK.

Hyson: Ac-3d for a pair of threes and a useless gutshot

Robertson: 6c-4c for a pair of fours and an open-ended

Turn: Ad, putting Hyson suddenly in the lead with two pair

River: 5d, basically changing nothing

The stacks were counted, and it transpired that Robertson had change - 550,000 of it, or three and a half big blinds. The chips went in next hand.

Robertson: 8d-4d

Hyson: ahead with Kd-3d - could it all be over?


Board: 6s-3c-9d-Qd-4h

Robertson doubled to 1.1 million, and play continues.

think this is
the nuts!